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AI Sires

Natural Service Sires

Breeding program

We design our breeding program to produce low to moderate birthweight bulls that have the performance to add pounds to your calves and produce the quality carcass traits that the industry demands.

For the second year in a row the Certified Angus Beef brand (CAB) that we as American Angus Association members own, has had record sales with over one billion pounds of high quality product that has sold at a premium. It only makes sense to try to capture this added value through producing the cattle that will meet these specifications. These bulls will do that.!

Bull Development

After weaning, our bulls are developed on a ryegrass haylege ration that is balanced with a commodity mix designed to produce 3 lbs. per day gain. Sure, these bulls could gain 4 to 5 lbs. per day on a hotter ration, but we have found that by not pushing them quite as hard that we end up with a more sound and harder individual that holds up better in your pasture.

One note on the set of bulls selling this year, you may notice that the weaning and yearling weights are a bit off from years past. Long story short, I am sure you remember the dry summer and fall of 2016, it was as bad here as we have ever experienced. We were extremely short on hay and we were not able to plant any winter grazing until December, these calves and their mommas had to tough it out last year. This set of bulls did not know what green grass was until about weaning time in April.

As an old cattleman once told me, and it still is true today, “cattle just do better if they have some grass between their toes”.